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Certainty, one of seven Integrative Music HealingTM Self-Guided programs is a specialty CD based on using meditation and music to help you to feel more confident, decisive and supported, and connect with inner guidance.

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Want to get more organized and help with decisions?

Having trouble focusing with conflicting thoughts running around?

Get an internal way to center yourself , helping you become more organized and efficient in thought, word and action.

Have an important decision and don’t know what to do?

Feeling restless?

Feeling dissatisfied with your work, relationship, life?

Experience a guided process to relax, focus your thoughts and access your deeper intuitive wisdom for making grounded and wise decisions.

What feels true for me?  In which way do I need to take my life?

Afraid to make a change even though you know that it’s necessary?

Get a way to identify what feelings are present, releasing negative blocks to access higher consciousness, enabling you to make choices that resonate with your true, authentic self.

Is the life you are living not quite what you had in mind?

Clear out the noisy thoughts, create inner stillness and access intuitive wisdom.

Using a process of guided meditation, creating intention, the music helps the listener to feel confident, decisive and supported, and connection with guidance from within.

The meditation is an exploration to the heart of what blocks or inhibits making optimal choices and decisions.

The music is designed to help you:

  •   Move through feeling distracted, confused and cluttered to focus, guidance and direction.
  • Develop inner resources to move from feeling scattered to focusing energies in a positive direction.
  • Consciously connect with your higher consciousness, the God of your understanding, Universal Source.

For Individuals: Use the Self-Guided CDs as instructed with the CD intention for your session. Each step is clearly defined and guides you in the IMH process.

For Groups: The Self-Guided CDs can be used in a group setting to lead an awareness meditation to begin your group, or provide a means to prompt reflection and discussion. The music can be used in to explore group intentions and topics. The processing sections offer ideas to glean insight for group members to share.

For Therapists and Practitioners: Use the Self-Guided CDs in the entire 4-step process, or adapt the meditation, music and/or processing to your therapeutic objectives and goals with your clients.


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