“Many say that life entered the human body by the help of music, but the truth is that life itself is music” -Hafiz

Recalibrate with IMH

This stimulating, interactive workshop combines IMH (Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process) with guided meditations, live improvised piano music and group discussions that allow participants to share their experiences, transformations and newly found insights.

The environment creates a group dynamic that exponentially increases our individual sense of oneness and our shared connection. Sophia’s music becomes the catalyst for creating mutual support and understanding.

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“What a magical time you conjured up for us all. I soar in recollection of it.”

-Margaret Anderson, professional life coach

“Profoundly deep work”
-Michael McCormick, addictions therapist

Music and Mandala

The word Mandala, Sanskrit for “circle” is a circular drawing, known to indicate internal processes. An ancient art that Jung, the renowned psychologist, referred to as a “cryptogram” or a coded message from the inner self.

Drawing a mandala is easy, fun and illuminating, as it conjures up past and present unconscious thoughts and images, especially while listening to music.

We then discuss and interpret the colors and shapes as it relates to personal and spiritual growth and goals.

No drawing experience is

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“The class gave me the opportunity to work with issues that I had put on the back burner with Spirit through art and music. It was expansive to learn about that part of myself!”
-S. Lacey


Music Metamorphosis

Music Metamorphosis focuses on integrating change. As in the change of seasons, there is a cycle of death and re-birth. In this workshop, we introduce a cycle of transformation: Surrender, Mystery, Abyss, Hope, Discovery, Renewal and Manifestation using the music of Sophia Morreale: Songs for All Seasons: A New Day to understand and integrate change into the mind, body, spirit.

In uncovering the layers of how change is affecting your life and what it is teaching you, we reveal the process of individuation: who you really are, in your deepest, truest Self.

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Creating Sacred Space

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“The invitation to grow is presented in a loving and safe space. Sophia’s music is powerful and leads easily into exercises of explorations of our true nature. I look forward to more. Thank you.”-Rev. F. Woods