Video 4: Mandalas and Music

CD_labels.inddLooking for a creative arts program for your personal goals or for your client or group?  

Experience how mandala drawing and interpretation is used to reach your particular therapeutic goals. Get ideas for yourself and therapeutic groups with exercises and group discussion topics in the expressive art therapy of the mandala.

Individuals can learn how to how to intentionally use mandalas for self-exploration and self-help by following the step-by step guidance through music, audio and video instruction.

Therapists, life coaches and therapeutic facilitators looking for concise, expressive arts programs to use with their clients and groups in a therapeutic setting use this module to provide experiential and didactic education in an easy to follow lesson plan. Experience how mandalas can be used to reach your particular therapeutic goals. Enjoy the ease of flexible programming that fits into your intention or group goal.

Support groups looking for creative program for your group to experience and discuss how mandalas can help with the group goals and intention. Offers ideas for your support group with experiential exercises and group discussion topics in the expressive art therapy of mandala drawing and interpretation.

Discover: Step 4: Mandala as a processing tool in IMH

  • Significance and use of mandalas
  • Self-drawn mandalas in IMH
  • Mandala interpretation

Explore: Drawing mandalas experiential
Reflect: Processing self-drawn mandalas

Each 20-minute video provides a guided, self-contained program with detailed information and practical applications for individual use or as a supplement for therapists, life coaches and practitioners to use in their practice.

The videos are ideal for support, recovery and self-development groups of one to two hours in length, or for individuals and supportive professionals to learn how to use music and expressive arts as a creative means to positive life transformations.