Self Guided Programs


Integrative Music HealingTM Self-Guided programs are specialty CDs based on the intentions of Presence, Joy, Acceptance, Inspiration, Certainty, Love and Faith. Available in physical CD and instant digital download.

Read more about each CD and listen to samples by clicking on the titles below:

            • Presence: Do you desire a way to experience your Spirit in a way that is meaningful and true for you? Watch the introductory video.
            • Joy: Want to move beyond sadness to more contentment? Introductory video.
            • Acceptance: Having difficulty letting go and want to integrate life changes? Introductory video.
            • Certainty: Want to get more organized and help with decisions?Introductory video.
            • Inspiration: Do you desire to become more creative? Introductory video.
            • Love: Want to connect with the source of Love? Introductory video.
            • Faith: Have doubt and desire a deeper connection with Spirit? Introductory video.

Each Self-Guided program uses music, meditation and experiential exercises providing a step-by-step process that helps to experience energetic, mental, emotional and physical healing and integration. Read more about individual CD intentions.

Through this guided experience you are engaged in a healing process of releasing negative energy and taking in positive, life-affirming higher consciousness energy and guidance through the 4 steps of IMH: The Sophia Process.

Each Self-guided CD includes:

  • An Introduction
  • Guided meditation
  • Integrative Healing Music
  • Processing Guide
  • Additional reflective music

Guided Meditation, included with each Self-Guided program, provides a step-by-step process to explore questions and issues from an energetic and spiritual perspective and helps the listener to connect with identified issues kinesthetically, physically and emotionally.  This prepares the listener on all levels to experience the music fully.

Following the meditation, listeners play the Integrative Healing Music based on the intention chosen.  Created by music therapist Sophia Morreale, the music is designed to help you move beyond past pain, break through emotional and psychological blocks, and facilitates connection with your intuition and higher consciousness.

After listening to the music, each Self-Guided CD includes a Processing Guide section.  Processing provides a means to reflect upon the healing experience, enabling awareness of benefits and insights for further exploration.  The processing meditations provide an additional way to uncover the layers of an issue to heal from the root causes.

Using Integrative Music Healing Self-Guided Programs

For Individuals: Use the Self-Guided CDs as instructed with the CD intention for your session. Each step is clearly defined and guides you in the IMH process.

For Groups: The Self-Guided CDs can be used in a group setting to lead an awareness meditation to begin your group, or provide a means to prompt reflection and discussion. The music can be used in to explore group intentions and topics. The processing sections offer ideas to glean insight for group members to share.

For Therapists and Practitioners: Use the Self-Guided CDs in the entire 4-step process, or adapt the meditation, music and/or processing to your therapeutic objectives and goals with your clients.