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Music, Meditation and Creative Expressions for Inspiration and Transformation!

Helps you work though and process dysfunctional, obsolete and negative patterns that have kept you trapped and limited in life.

Connects you with your authentic Spiritual self, for guidance, healing and wisdom from the Source .

Online classes led by Sophia provide a way to learn about and experience first hand the creative methods of music, meditation and expressive arts in the comfort of your home or office. Format for the 3 courses include video and audio lessons and downloadable information packets.  Preview the classes! Only $19.95 per course!

3 engaging and transformative courses:Watch the introduction video here.

Recalibrate with IMH

Discover, Explore and Reflect with the 4 steps of Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process (IMH) through engaging, experiential video and audio lessons of guided meditation, music and creative expressions. Widen your perception and connect with your authenticity and inner wisdom for inspiration and transformation.


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Music and Mandala

The course explores how to interpret the colors and shapes of self-drawn mandalas for your personal goals and spiritual growth. The word Mandala, Sanskrit for “circle” is a circular drawing, known to indicate internal processes. An ancient art that Jung, the renowned psychologist, referred to as a “cryptogram” or a coded message from the inner self.

Drawing a mandala is easy, fun and illuminating. No drawing experience is necessary.

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Music Metamorphosis

Music Metamorphosis focuses on understanding integrating life changes. As in the change of seasons, there is a cycle of death and re-birth. In this course, we introduce a cycle of transformation: Surrender, Mystery, Abyss, Hope, Discovery, Renewal and Manifestation using the specialty music created by Sophia Morreale: Songs for All Seasons: A New Day to learn from, accept and grow through life changes.

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