One-on-One Sessions

“The power of music, whether joyous or cathartic must steal on one unawares, come spontaneously as a blessing or a grace”
-Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

One-on-one individual sessions are tailored to meet your personal therapeutic goals and needs. As a result you become empowered to move beyond issues and blocks to your authenticity, purpose and passion in life, improving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

Individualized sessions are offered in person, by phone and online.

One-on-one sessions in music therapy include such methods as Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process, Spiritual Direction and Mandala Consultations.

Depending on the client’s needs and preferences,
each or all of these modalities can be used in a session.
A free 15-minute consultation is available.

Music and Expressive Arts Therapies

Individual music and expressive arts therapy can help you manage stress and anxiety, work through root causes of addiction,trauma and childhood wounds, and create an overall improvement in your quality of life, work and relationships. Creative modalities of awareness meditations and energy work, mandala/art drawing and interpretation, music journeys and spiritual connection are expertly woven into the 1-2 hour session combining your intentions for growth and healing and Sophia’s decades of experience with clients and these methods.

Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process

The Sophia Process includes original, live, improvised music in real time especially tailored to your individual needs. Experiences in guided meditation, imagery, and cathartic expression are designed to meet your personal intention for growth and healing. The process provides an energetic, vibrational and somatic experience that interacts with your physical sensations and emotions to create an over-all energetic alignment.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a process that accompanies you on the path toward your deeper calling. Spiritual guidance helps you to establish, connect and become more attuned to how you define and experience the sacred (such as God, the Divine, Higher Power, higher consciousness). Sessions can include prayer, guided meditation, music, sharing of sacred texts and tools for deepening your spiritual practice. This spiritual companionship holds a mirror to our souls and shows us our greatness and the work that still needs to be accomplished.

Mandala Consultations

The mandala consultation uses personally drawn mandalas to creatively reveal unexpressed layers of awareness, guiding your life from an internal compass. By creating one’s own mandala (or series of mandalas) based on a desired intention, we together explore the subliminal meanings behind the shapes, objects, colors and energy of the drawing. Through this creative arts experience you will gain valuable new insights, a “call to action” to keep growing and learning from what the mandala unfolds to you and an accessible means to uncover layers of awareness, guiding your life from an internal compass.

Mandala Assessments Card Test

The MARI® Card Test (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a non-verbal assessment tool that uses symbols known as mandalas, along with colors and stages of development, to reveal the subject’s inner truth and reality. Sophia is a Mandala Assessment Resource Instrument practitioner (MARI) and incorporates this illuminating assessment tool and mandala drawings into her music therapy private practice with a diverse population of positive mental health and spiritual aspiration seekers.

“I have childhood traumas that I’ve buried very deep in my body. As a result I’ve hated and neglected my body for most of my life. The mandala meditation work I’ve done with Sophia allowed me to explore and heal these wounds a in a way that no talking therapy ever did. As a result I am in a joyful process of reclaiming my body and my art work has taken creative directions I never would have dreamed possible.”
-Linda Carleton, Transformational Journey facilitator and participant

“The abyss for me has been a place of unsettling emotions: confusion, uncertainty, fear hopelessness and despair. In a guided imagery session, I entered a forest that was dark and foreboding, pressing in on all sides. As I journeyed on, I realized I was being carried, as though on horseback. Suddenly, I found myself in a clearing where warm light shone from above, down through the trees, enveloping me. I felt completely safe, perhaps for the first time in my life. It was a powerful experience of being led and protected, and I can revisit that sense of feeling safe any time I choose.”
-Lunette Arledge, workshop participant