Music Therapy Helping Videos


Looking for a creative program for your personal goals or for your client or group? 

Use music, meditation, mandala and other expressive arts therapies to work through your personal and professional therapeutic challenges.

Get ideas for yourself and therapeutic groups with experiential exercises and group discussion topics.

Individuals seeking creative and alternative self-help methods of healing, get step-by step guidance through music, audio and video instruction, a complete, concise program to use for self-exploration and self-help.

Therapists, life coaches and therapeutic facilitators looking for concise, expressive arts programs to use with their clients and groups in a therapeutic setting use this module to provide experiential and didactic education in an easy to follow lesson plan. Enjoy the ease of flexible programming that fits into your intention or group goal.

Support groups looking for creative program and discussion ideas for your support group with experiential exercises and group discussion topics. Use the video to experience and discuss how music and expressive arts help with your group’s intention.

Each of the five modules is divided into 3 sections:

Discover: Offers background information for the topics covered in the module.

Experience: Provides step-by step guided experiential based on the topic of the module.

Reflect: Offers processing tools for gathering insights.
module-med_0004_Module 1

Module 1: Introduction to IMH

Discover: Exploring Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process

  • Background information
  • 4 steps in IMH
  • Self-guided programs
  • Using IMH individually and in groups

Explore: Experiencing an IMH session

Reflect: Processing your IMH experience
module-med_0003_Module 2

Module 2: Spirituality, Meditation and IMH

Discover: Spiritual tools in IMH

  • Consciousness
  • Intention
  • Meditation
  • Higher consciousness
  • Embodiment

Explore: IMH Steps 1 and 2: Intention and Meditation

Reflect: Spirituality, music and healing
module-med_0002_Module 3

Module 3: Therapeutic Use of Music in IMH

Discover: Step 3: IMH music

  • Therapeutic use of music
  • Conscious listening, entrainment, catharsis
  • Imagery
  • IMH music journeys

Explore: Experiences in music as therapy

Reflect: Using music with intention and purpose
module-med_0001_Module 4

Module 4: Processing IMH 1: Mandala

Discover: Step 4: Mandala as a processing tool in IMH

  • Significance and use of mandalas
  • Self-drawn mandalas in IMH
  • Mandala interpretation

Explore: Drawing mandalas experiential

Reflect: Processing self-drawn mandalas

Module 5: Processing IMH 2: Expressive arts

module-med_0000_Module 5

Discover: IMH Step 5: Processing with expressive arts

  • Drawing
  • Writing and story
  • Movement and dance
  • Dialog and discussion

Explore: Expressive arts experiences

Reflect: Processing expressive arts