Integrative Music Healing Experience
-Richard McConnell, Clear Minded Coaching Endorsement

“I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with Sophia Morreale for a number of years in music therapy and have found her work to be spiritually and emotionally transformative. In a recent session, her thoughtful guided meditation and her creative and inspiring music, both soothing and provocative, helped me connect with an eternal space of unlimited love and freedom. It was a powerful and life-changing experience that I continue to resonate with.”
-Lunette Arledge, music director

“Sophia gave me a connection between my spiritual development and the integration of music into that in such a complete way as to make them now inseparable. I feel now that there is a new understanding in my heart and soul that wasn’t there before. What’s wonderful about this is the fact that I wasn’t aware of the deficit until it was gone. This opens up an entirely new journey in my life and I have you to thank for it.

I have the rest of my life to grow and experience what you taught me. If I can pass on, or better yet, be a good example of what I have learned from you, I shall be more than merely happy.

May your life and faith through music continue to fall with grace, power and love on those who are fortunate enough to cross your path as I have, and to have you in their lives.
Thank you so much,”
-Bob Glaser, UX Designer

“I listened to Webber’s Pie Jesu for the first time in a long time today. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to sing such a beautiful piece of music and all of the amazing music I heard/learned/sang because of you!”
-Sara North, student, Boston MA

“Through Sophia’s structure of offering inner exercises, music, and reflection, I was able to deepen my relationship with God, others and self. I return knowing that there is always more to shed and more to nurture.”
-Marjorie Colton, Music Metamorphosis Facilitator

“Sophia’s leadership as a music therapist creates a supportive, accepting group experience where everyone’s participation is respected and valued.
On a personal level, I gained valuable insights into my soul’s purpose. I felt embraced by the group’s response to my sharing.”
-Nancy Mann, LCSW

“Sophia’s work provides a framework for creating safe and sacred space for people to gather, connect with their deepest wisdom, build new awareness and witness each other’s journey. I look forward to more classes with increasing eagerness to reconnect with spirit and the divine within us. It has become a safety net through turbulent times, and a beacon of hope.

I am deeply grateful for the insight, reassurance and comfort her programs have given me. It is truly a generous gift that could only enhance understanding at any and every stage of life.”
-Ann West, professional musician

“I’ve had a major shift in my art and personal life since your class and the (MARI) reading. You teach potent stuff!”
-Nancy , Saint Paul, MN

“Sophia Morreale knows how to connect peoples’ spiritual needs with both traditional and contemporary resources for growth and healing. She is gifted and a gift herself for anyone on their spiritual journey.”
-Stephen Swecker, editor, Zion’s Herald Magazine

“Music and spirituality meditations with Sophia are both profoundly healing and emotionally transforming. Her special touch for music and meditation has deep healing power for me.”
-Francis Edward Crowley, PhD

“Sophia’s work is remarkably insightful and exceedingly powerful. The way she combines original music, guided imagery, meditation and spirituality is really unique and inspiring. In each session, I’ve gone through a profound experience, which released a long-held negative belief. What’s more, I took away a sense of how to fully integrate the transformation. The results have been so positive and productive that I now have much more vitality and enjoyment in my life.”
-Buddy Stahl, CCEP, horticulturist, artist

“Sophia Morreale is “music therapist extraordinaire”. Sophia is a conscientious, inquisitive, and a highly motivated therapist. Her calm presence seems to communicate to clients and coworkers, notably that she is listening, but that she is hearing what is being said and understanding the meaning. She is comfortable in leading groups, and equally comfortable in one to one settings. Sophia can be very spontaneous in her work as a music therapist. She is creative in her session plans, improvises beautifully on the piano to adapt to client needs, and successfully has adapted guided imagery and music techniques. All of the aspects of her work with clients are highly visible in her everyday interactions as well. She is utterly kind, thoughtful, wise and insightful. Sophia’s strength is in thoughtful communication and an empathic manner.”
-Barbara Reuer PhD, MT-BC, former president of the American Music Therapy Association