Music Therapy

“So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.” – Aaron Copland

What is Music Therapy?

The power of music is extraordinary. The universal language of music has moved humanity from ancient times to the present;  through emotional and physical pain, bringing light and joy to dark places and creating wholeness.

Music Therapy is a well-established allied health profession similar to occupational and physical therapy. Therapists use music as a tool to meet desired physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and/or social goals and to improve quality of life. Music Therapists use music activities to facilitate changes that are non-musical in nature and appeal to many different age groups and diverse settings.

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What to expect from a music therapy session with Sophia

Sophia facilitates one-on-one individual sessions, for therapeutic support, and facilitates spirituality groups, workshops and retreats. She offers live and online training designed to help individuals, therapists, life coaches and practitioners to better understand and utilize music and expressive arts therapies for themselves and to assist others with their therapeutic goals.

A typical session includes discussion and discovery to gather background information, help to define therapeutic goals and intentions, and creative use of a variety of modalities: guided creative expressions that require no artistic experience (such as mandala drawing, movement, writing), guided focus exercises (meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awareness), conscious music listening and Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process. Each session also includes ways to process these experiences that help identify strengths and insights, uncover aspects that need deeper psychological, energetic and spiritual work, and facilitation to make positive plans for needed changes, tailored to the individual or group’s background, expectation and learning style.

Experienced, highly skilled and strongly intuitive, Sophia facilitates sessions to gently and effectively help clients move through negative states such as depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction, exploring root causes to improve physical, psychological, emotional and spiritually states. Throughout years of working with clients in substance abuse and mental health facilities, medical and spiritual institutions across the country, Sophia has had the privilege of facilitating and witnessing remarkable transformational changes through music, creative expressions and divinely guided experience of the authentic spiritual self.

Sophia’s Music

Sophia’s music as music therapy expresses a wide spectrum of emotions and experiences based on the human condition, such as: fear to love, sorrow to joy, confusion to clarity and doubt to faith. Listening to these evocative melodies, harmonies and rhythms, played live at sessions or through the Self-Guided IMH music programs, create a flow of comfort, release and insight.

The music is designed to be a container that holds and carries you as the vibrations meet, create and follow thoughts, feelings and sensations. 
The flow of the musical journey connects you to a sense of wholeness in a way that personally resonates. This helps you to release unwanted energies, access your authentic spiritual self, providing divine guidance and transformative improvement to your life.

Music Therapy Sessions can focus on:

  • Addictions/Recovery
  • Anxiety/Worry
  • Stress Management
  • Depression/Grief/Loss
  • Relationship Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Exploring Creativity
  • Career Discernment

Benefits of Music Therapy:

  • Offers a means to resolve past conflicts
  • Provides a catalyst to release emotions
  • Explores spiritual values
  • Provides pain management and relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Fosters creativity
  • Strengthens self-esteem