Music Healing Programs

Is there a part of you that longs to break free from cycles of
emotional pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, and fear?

Do you have a desire to live more fully,
more deeply, from a holistic, spiritually guided center?


Music Healing Programs

Reclaiming yourself with The Sophia Process
Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process uses your life experiences and challenges that lie between the known and the unknown, the pain and the comfort, the sorrow and the joy, the desire and the satisfaction, as stepping-stones or teachers to draw you closer to manifesting the desired results you seek.

Through divinely guided meditation, music, imagery, and processing techniques, the Sophia Process therapeutically assists people to deep connection and guidance through their authentic, spiritual self. The music used in this method raises your vibe from negative symptoms to higher vibrations of healing and integration, empowering you to move up the scale of consciousness from fear, shame, sadness and negativity to clarity, serenity, joy and love.

The Sophia Process in 4 steps:


1. Creating Intention:

The Sophia Process begins with an inquiry into what the individual or group seeks to explore in the session- your desired result from the experience. An intention helps you identify issues and blocks needing clarity, release and healing.

2. Awareness Meditation:

Following identification with a specific issue and intention, you are led through a guided awareness meditation. The meditation has several components to prepare and enhance your conscious listening and experience of the music.

3. Integrative Healing Music:

The music by Sophia Morreale is designed to provide a music journey towards your intention, breaking through emotional and psychological blocks and facilitating connection with your intuition and higher consciousness, offering understanding, insight and healing energy.

4. Processing

The final step in the Sophia Process is to explore insights and reflections that have emerged as a result of the Integrative Music Healing experience. Moving through this process, you view issues and intentions from a higher, broader perspective. Methods of processing include creative expressions such as self-drawn mandalas, writing and movement, helping you manifest the healing benefits in personal, authentic and meaningful ways.

Integrative Music Healing Self-Guided programs are specialty CDs based on the intentions of Presence, Joy, Acceptance, Inspiration, Certainty, Love and Faith.  Each Self-Guided program uses divinely guided music, meditation and experiential exercises providing a step-by-step process that helps to experience energetic, mental, emotional and physical healing and integration. Click on the links for each CD intention to hear samples of the music and for more information about each specific program.

Through this guided experience you are engaged in a healing process of releasing negative energy and taking in positive, life-affirming higher consciousness energy and guidance.

For more about how to use this process for yourself or to assist your clients, download a copy of Sophia Morreale’s ebook: Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process Theory and Practice Manual in 5 modules.  Available at the store.

The Sophia Process Benefits


  • Become aware of potential, purpose and passion in your life.
  • Access your internal spiritual guidance for self-healing and conscious evolution.
  • Manifest universal, higher consciousness energy through your physical body, your actions and thoughts, and your choices for the greater good of yourself and others.


  • Old wounds, trauma and recurring patterns that do not serve your highest and best self.
  • Negative feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame, sadness, discouragement, loneliness or loss of connection with your spiritual self.
  • Broken relationships, inner child wounds, addictive patterns and resistance to change.


  • Break old cycles, negative patterns and behaviors.
  • Learn how to give authentic attention to unmet needs and desires, release old wounds, embrace change, and move forward.
  • Discover new ways of self-care and self-love.


  • Confident, self-aware, and compassionate to yourself and others.
  • Free from repeating old and dysfunctional patterns.
  • Guided by your intuition and inner truth.

“I look forward to each class with increasing eagerness to reconnect with spirit and the divine within us. Sophia’s work provides a framework for creating safe and sacred space for people to gather, connect with their deepest wisdom, build new awareness and witness each other’s journey. The insight, reassurance and comfort is truly a generous gift that could only enhance understanding at any and every stage of life.” -Ann West, Professional Musician