What is a Mandala?

butterfly-resizedThe word mandala is Sanskrit for “circle,” having spiritual and ritual significance in many faith traditions. A mandala is a circular drawing, known to indicate internal processes. Jung referred to the mandala as a “cryptogram” or a coded message from the inner self.

The circle is the most fundamental of shapes in humankind, found in nature and cultures around the world, art and architecture. The Hindus in India have used the earliest known mandalas in religious ceremonies since 1500 BC. Tantric Buddhists in Tibet further developed mandalas with paintings on fabric, as well as sand paintings. The Celts in the 4th century BC also developed mandalas in designs with symmetry and purpose.

Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process includes processing guidance with expressive art therapies that follow meditation and music experiences. The art form of self-drawn mandalas is an integral processing tool in this method.

Music and Mandalas online offers an accessible and easy learning experience of using mandalas for self-discovery and healing.

How can drawing a mandala help?

Self-drawn mandalas provide a means to express the music experience through other states of consciousness. This exploration is from a non-linear, creative and/or intuitive space. Insightful perspective can be gained from parts of you hidden in shadow. The process itself of drawing a mandala can be a means to discovery, showing the flow of how your mind perceives and works through an issue or intention. Sophia can help guide you to interpret the shapes, colors, and placement of objects in your self-drawn mandalas at individual and on-line sessions.

See examples of self-drawn mandalas on the media page.

In addition, another method of Mandala Assessments can be profoundly revealing to underlying motives and root causes of life challenges and issues. Sophia Morreale, Mandala Assessment Practitioner can help you discover these hidden aspects through a MARI Card Test.

For more tips and experiences for using the mandala as a therapeutic tool, Module 4 in the training videos focusses on using the mandala as a therapeutic tool.

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