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Relaxing, divinely inspired new age/blues live piano works that are evocative, engaging and transformative.

2 CD Set (Music Only) 8 Tracks

Feeling ungrounded, disconnected, disorientated? Experience a connection with your body, mind and spirit.

Feeling sad, grieving, discouraged? Experience more contentment, happiness, and hope.

Feeling powerless, out of control, fear of change? Experience comfort, calm, and relief.  

Feeling confused, overwhelmed, discouraged? Experience guidance, motivation, and increased self-esteem.

Feel stuck, in a rut, frustrated? Experience a connection with intuition, creativity and feel uplifted.

Feeling lonely, withdrawn, like something is missing in your life? Experience more inner peace with your own Spirit.

Having doubt? Wanting to trust and connect with your Spiritual source? Experience strength, gratitude, and serenity.

Get all 7 Integrative Healing Music: The Sophia Process for a discounted rate.

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