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Music is known to evoke strong emotions, imagery and energy. The poet Gibran has said that music teaches us to “see with our ears” and “listen with our hearts”. Research supports wide-ranging therapeutic benefits of music therapy in a variety of healthcare, educational and spiritual settings. Sophia, a board-certified music therapist, is dedicated to helping others understand the intricacies and advantages of music and expressive arts therapies for personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

Music Heals is dedicated to offer therapeutic music and music programs that converts negative symptoms to positive energy and expands consciousness for dynamic spiritual and personal transformative change.

Music and Consciousness

Music conveys energy. Our bodies are receivers of energy from external and internal sources.  Music is only one of the myriad pulses and sensations that are received each second of life.

When music enters your field of awareness, there is resonance.  Many factors influence our perception of influence by music such as physical, emotional and mental state, the environment or circumstance of what is being heard, and the intention for how the music is being used.

Music Heals is dedicated to offer therapeutic music and music programs that expands consciousness for dynamic spiritual and personal transformative change, converting negative symptoms to positive energy.

Music Heals!

Healing has many different views, from restoring health, to curing illness, to becoming spiritually whole. Healing is defined from the individual interpreting and experiencing change.  Music can help facilitate the change of perception, symptoms and identification with negative experience.

For those trying to achieve spiritual connection, expand perception and consciousness, Sophia’s music therapy programs integrating sound, metaphor and creativity are a proven formula for success to help facilitate a person’s own inner resources. Integrative Music Healing: The Sophia Process, Sophia’s leading edge music methodology integrates the desired objective with meditation and the vibrations of energy and music to help meet therapeutic goals.

Sophia has produced a wide assortment of healing, relaxation and meditation CDs. She offers support and training in person and through  five training modules designed to help individuals, therapists, life coaches and practitioners to better understand and utilize music and expressive arts therapies for themselves and to assist others with their therapeutic goals.

Discover how music therapy can bring about significant changes in the mind, body and spirit. To learn more about music and expressive arts therapies, visit the numerous educational pages on this website.  To find out more about her programs and products, please contact Sophia today.

Experience vibrational healing at a cellular level.
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